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We Transform Businesses & Society Through Our Data Science Service

 Alibaba Software Solutions provides business analytics services since 2019. Our data model equipped with advanced technologies of Big Data, Data analytics Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence offers precise analytical data that help organizations to empower their business, make better decisions, boost ROI, and accomplish goals. Our company converts structured and unstructured data into precise distinguishable metrics that enable you to analyze the best for your business.

Our Mission

To transform business through advanced data tools, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science to make decision making less complex and create valuable insights for scalable business.

Our Vision

To build best Data Models, Artificial Intelligence that enhances user’s experience and delivers impactful results for their business. The vision is to turn an organization into a data-driven organization through Data Tools to AI.

Why Choose

Alibaba Software Solutions?

We let the businesses obtain insight data they require to analyze and help them to make data-driven strategies and accomplish their business goals with scalable and reliable analysis. Whatever your business is- we will provide you trustworthy data which will help your company to make informed decisions and be ahead in this competitive market. To become the best data-driven organisation with faster unique insights by applying Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our team always engaged with unique innovation, implementing seamless result, and turn your business into data-driven organisations

Process We Follow

Understand The Objective

Import The Data

Explore And Clean The Data

Model The Data

Communicate The Results


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