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Alibaba Software Solutions experts provide a thorough Reliability Assessment of your IT infrastructure and application.

Any organization’s digital transformation demands a robust and quick software innovation with top-notch quality, high efficiency. The Agile tools solve development, but the Agile tools lack so much when it comes to the operation part. A cloudOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is the answer to all these worries. Alibaba Software Solutions delivers resilience and scalable CloudOps SRE solutions to provide continuous product environment integration and smooth application deliveries. 

Why are Cloud Operations Important?

Cloud Operations (CloudOps) can help you optimize your IT service with the help of a cloud environment. CloudOps can provide you with a more scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure that automates tedious tasks to provide more Accessibility to shared resources with backup management. In addition, with the help of CloudOps, the software can update and deploy itself with human interference that facilitates continuous operation.

Challenges of CloudOps

The merger of traditional operations of the existing DevOps system to completely serverless CloudOps can be troublesome. But, that is our headache. As an organization, you do not have to worry about that. It is on us to develop a CloudOps system to fulfill your requirements. To overcome that, Alibaba Software Solutions employs the best techniques to streamline shared tasks, monitoring, and management between physical and cloud-based systems based on your organizational requirements. We can provide effective and efficient CI/CD operations by combing CloudOps solutions with DevOps to improve technical functionality.

Alibaba Software Solutions CloudOps and SRE Services include:

Reliability Assessment
Alibaba Software Solutions experts provide a thorough Reliability Assessment of your IT infrastructure and application. It includes customers entry log optimization, Unique identification, distributed system management, server workload management, etc.
Reliable System Architecture Design

Our team of experts can design a reliable System Architecture with a CI/CO model incorporating features and functionalities of auto-scaling, self-healing with Zero fault-tolerant capability.

Reliability Optimization

We can help you optimize your IT infrastructure by providing workload migration to cloud services. In addition, we can work on the technical structure to find and fix issues, Task formalization and automate the system testing.

Reliability Monitor System

Alibaba Software Solutions provides efficient tools and techniques to monitor an organization’s complete infrastructure, such as programs, servers, applications. It maintains the soundness of the IT infrastructure, providing detailed reports on detected bugs and issues and fixing them in real-time.

Benefits of cloud operations at Alibaba Software Solutions

  • When employed with the best practices, CloudOps is more cost-effective.
  • CloudOps is user-friendly than traditional approaches.
  • CloudOps demands fewer resources than standard approaches.
  • CloudOps helps to automate tedious day-to-day tasks.
  • CloudOps can scale out themselves to automate provision servers.
  • Managing CloudOps environments is more effortless than standard approaches.

Why Your Cloud Strategy Needs a Data Strategy

Being an industry leader in this cutting-edge technological world demands effective and enhanced user-friendly solutions. But A CloudOps solution without data strategies can create loopholes when a solution demands integration with Business Intelligence, data management, Big data, etc. According to the State of Cloud-Driven Transformation, A CloudOps Future can be more stable with integrating Cloud strategies into data strategies. It defines the structure for the actionable foundation that can follow a comprehensive vision. Along with that, Alibaba Software Solutions can provide an effective solution implementation of cloud strategy with data strategies that reduce the technological problems that can occur during on-premises installations


Our Services

Data Science

Data Science is a structured and unstructured model to extract insight from data in different forms and add value to the businesses.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process to analyze data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information with specific systems & software.

Data Visualization

Data visualization can effectively expand audience understanding, resulting in successful campaigning and ROI. You can have all the information in the world.

Data Warehousing

A data warehousing services at Alibaba Software Solution allow clients to harness data and effectively derive valuable business insights. With our deep domain expertise and rich experience in data warehousing,

Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of transferring data from one storage system to another to save necessary and relevant data.

Big Data Implementation

Big Data implementation helps you to make decisions on the basis of insightful data and forecast business future.

Predictive Analytics

Advance Analytics is a tool that help you to extract more data and forecast trends, behaviours, events, and more to perform better.

IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics is an application of data analysis tools and adds value to the data to facilities by connecting with the Internet of Things.

Customer 360

Customer 360 provides data with a 360 degree view and enables you to interact and support every detail about the customer.


DevOps is a set of practices that merge IT operations and software development to deliver high quality software and improved software life cycle.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service that provides interactive visualizations & business to create dasgboards & reports.

Qlik Sense & Qlik view

Qlik Sense & QlikView is an analytics solution and plateform to integrate data, analysis and data-driven intelligence that deliver business growth.


Industries We Are Transforming

The Transformation of industries by Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Banking and Finacials

Power your Data Analytics and prevent fraudulent activity and ensure data security while integreted with third party.


Power your Data Analytics and prevent fraudulent activity and ensure data security while integreted with third party.


Power your Data Analytics and prevent fraudulent activity and ensure data security while integreted with third party.

Transportation and Logistic

Power your Data Analytics and prevent fraudulent activity and ensure data security while integreted with third party.

Tools & Technology

Data Science Tools & Technologies

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