RPA, also known as Robotic Process Automation, is a technological application that enables humans to define a set of commands for a robot to perform. RPA software can imitate most human-computer interactions to perform error-free tasks speedily and efficiently. Several businesses are now turning to RPAs to eliminate monotonous tasks and focus on more valuable work. RPA solutions is a blessing in the healthcare sector as it reduces the admin burden and spares time for front-office and back-office work. Therefore, keeping this in mind, Alibaba Systems built an incredible RPA for health care organizations on the latest Microsoft tech to evolve the market, bringing a democratic peer-to-peer solution to eliminate the repetitive daily tasks in a secure, quicker, and smarter way.

Client Requirement

Several healthcare organizations still have conventional systems in place, and the teams focus more on the tedious tasks rather than giving their best in more innovative areas. The increasing work volume leads to employees’ fatigue and spikes in the admin cost. Rather than being patients, they allocate their maximum time before computer screens, which brings down the patients’ satisfaction level. Our healthcare client approached us to set up a fantastic RPA system for their organization to resolve this issue. Therefore, we developed an efficient RPA solution for our client to improve their operational efficiency and meet the patient’s satisfaction levels, ultimately leading to more revenues.


Alibaba Systems has succeeded in building a flawless RPA system for healthcare organizations. We built RPA on Microsoft’s Power Apps platform, and this robust system uses Azure’s power & security with a thorough understanding of the RCM process.

Our team’s substantial RCM knowledge & Microsoft’s Power App technology has enabled the healthcare workers to do more with less time consumption.

This powerful robotic system offers several benefits to the healthcare organization such as:




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