Big Data Solution For
IoT Pet Trackers


Big data refers to a collection of vast volumes of data, growing substantially every day. Big data applies to those datasets that can’t be analyzed or processed using conventional processes. Next comes – IoT. IoT, aka Internet of Things, refers to connecting a gadget to the internet and other connected devices. Here, big data is combined with IoT solutions to help pet owners track their pets in real-time. For this, we created an incredible IoT mobile app solution for our client to enable pet owners to navigate their pets using IoT-based wearable trackers.

Client Requirement

Our US-based client owns a company operating in 18 states. He has immense experience in the field of telecommunications and, therefore, decided to develop a new mobile app solution that enables their users to supervise the location of their pets using a wearable tracker integrated into the app. With this unique solution, he approached Alibaba to build a robust, scalable, and secure mobile app to deliver pet owners real-time information about their pets





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