Data Analytics For A
Telecom Company


Businesses worldwide are generating massive data volumes every day, and they need to use all this data to get valuable insights from it. Using these insights, they can make impactful business decisions. This is where data analytics comes into the picture. Data analytics is the process of evaluating big datasets to discover correlations, hidden patterns, upcoming trends and receive great insights to make forecasts. Moreover, it also enhances your businesses’ productivity and speed. Using advanced technological tools, we created an Analytics Solution for our telecom client to gather information from various sources and receive valuable insights into customer behavior.

Client Requirement

Our Houston-based client owns a telecom business that helps in the National Support Program and thus, renders pre-paid mobile phones and service packages to low-income people. They wanted to gather information from various sources and receive profound insights about their user behavior. Moreover, they wanted an analytics solution to evaluate past data and make predictions using which they could make effective business decisions. Therefore, our telecom client approached Alibaba to build them a robust and secure analytical system





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