Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a must-have in the finance sector due to its enhanced ability to reduce fraud, improve marketing and decision-making, enhance underwriting, and perfect customer servicing. Modern technologies have indeed impacted the way we conduct business these days. Several big monetary institutions are performing monotonous tasks with AI and machine learning applications and have progressed tremendously. Our client is one of the most successful MNC investing banking and financial services companies in the US, with over 100k employees, serving N number of customers. Alibaba Systems created automated solutions using AI and ML in their document review process to reduce the billable hours and save their customers lots of money.

Client Requirement

Our US-based client owns a company operating in 18 states. He has immense experience in the field of telecommunications and, therefore, decided to develop a new mobile app solution that enables their users to supervise the location of their pets using a wearable tracker integrated into the app. With this unique solution, he approached Alibaba to build a robust, scalable, and secure mobile app to deliver pet owners real-time information about their pets.





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